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Arcana is a Canadian comic book publisher and art studio founded in 2004 by Sean O’Reilly. Winner of the prestigious Shuster Award for Publisher of the Year in 2005, their titles include Kade, Ezra, 100 Girls and El Arsenal.

In five short years, they have become Canada’s top publisher with over one hundred properties to their credit. Arcana Art Studio is currently working for Disney as an official vendor, Ubisoft, HBO and developed Dragon’s Lair, ReBoot, Se7en and Final Destination for comic books.

They have also signed a publishing deal with Simon Shuster for 100 Girls and a co-production deal with Amberwood Animation on Ralph Filmore for an animated television series. In July 2008 Arcana announced that telefilm Canada has provided funding for an animated film for their title Clockwork Girl. Clockwork Girl was the first release from Arcana’s all ages division, Arcana Kids.

Arcana will be releasing Spoke Lane’s graphic novel Harbor Moon in 2010.
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